Sheikh Khalifa calls on voters to turn out for FNC elections

'Broad and active participation' essential, says UAE President.

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ABU DHABI // Sheikh Khalifa has called for “broad and active participation” in Saturday’s elections.

In a statement issued yesterday, the President said the polls were the first step towards empowering the FNC.

He said the UAE was determined to enter a “new phase of development and achievement, and to uphold and consolidate its position among the world countries” as it approached the 40th anniversary of its foundation.


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The FNC, Sheikh Khalifa said, “continues to be the strong platform for political participation and positive impact on the decision-making process in the country, and hence inspired our great interest in … activating its role so that it will become the authority that supports and guides the country’s executive authority.

“Political participation is an integral part of the progress of the country,” he said.

Sheikh Khalifa said citizens “were the key element” for the country to progress and they needed to be partners in shaping the future of the nation and its policies.“We have to walk with a clear vision to empower the Federal National Council,” he said.

“We view the upcoming elections on September 24 as the perfect opportunity to make a major step towards this goal, which will be achieved, God willing, with your virtuous efforts.”

The President said consultation with citizens had been important since the foundation of the UAE, when “Sheikh Zayed, along with his brothers, the rulers of the various emirates, adopted the glorious methodology of consultation with members of the public and of involving them in shaping the future of their motherland.

“Not a single phase along the march of building the country was devoid of the existence of consultative councils surrounding the country’s leadership, as they strongly believed in the importance of people’s participation, and because consultation is at the heart of our culture and heritage.”