Security guard gets life term for stabbing roommate to death

The guard stabbed his Nepalese victim in the back and chest after taking him by surprise in their room in Dubai.

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DUBAI // A security guard stabbed his roommate to death after catching him by surprise in their shared room.

The Egyptian guard, 45, stabbed his Nepalese victim in the back and chest in Al Qusais on December 18 last year.

At Dubai Criminal Court in February, the guard admitted stabbing his roommate but denied having planned the murder.

“I don’t have any bad history with him and I didn’t plan to kill him,” he said. “I did attack him and at that specific moment I meant to end his life, but I didn’t plan it ahead of time.”

An Indian salesman, 32, said that on the day of the murder he heard screams coming from outside his apartment.

“I saw a man’s body in a pool of blood on the floor,” he said.

The Nepali died in hospital. An Emirati policeman, 28, said the accused was arrested that same day.

“He confessed to stabbing the Nepalese victim but gave several versions of what happened. He said the two had a dispute but did not elaborate.”

Another officer, 29, said the guard confessed to him that he had planned the murder two days before, because his roommate had sexually assaulted him.

“He told me that if he had the chance, he would have cut his head off,” said the officer.

The court sentenced the guard to life in jail and ordered his deportation afterwards. A life sentence is 25 years in the UAE.