Abu Dhabi launches a centre for advanced technology research

Technology Innovation Institute is working on more than 25 long-term projects

Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council aims to make the emirate a more attractive global centre for start-ups and technology companies. Victor Besa / The National 
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Abu Dhabi has launched a technology research institute that has ties with international universities to work on long-term projects.

Technology Innovation Institute (TII) aims to position Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a global hub for innovation and advanced technologies.

The institute is working with more than 20 international universities on more than 25 long-term collaborative projects.

The initial seven focus areas of the institute are quantum research, autonomous robotics, cryptography, advanced materials, digital security, directed energy and secure systems.

The TII is an applied research pillar of the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC).

“The Technology Innovation Institute is a pioneering research centre that develops disruptive and transformative technologies that have practical uses and global impact,” said Faisal Al Bannai, secretary general of ATRC.

“The institute allows us to push the frontiers of knowledge further than ever before for the benefit of science, society, the economy and the environment.”

Scientists and researchers joined the institute from around the world in two months after the first board meeting of the institute in August 2020.

TII is one of two pillars under ATRC, which was established in May this year to develop the research and development ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.