Rain expected in UAE as temperatures drop

Forecasters are expecting light rain in parts of the UAE in the next few days, with temperatures falling to a low as 5C.

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DUBAI// Strong winds of up to 60kph are expected to lash the UAE’s coast tomorrow creating rough conditions for anyone heading out to sea.

Light rain is also forecast over parts of the country in the morning, with the cooler wintery conditions of the last few days expected to stay until the end of the week at least.

Temperatures are expected to drop to lows of 5C in internal and mountainous areas tonight with daytime coastal temperatures expected to peak at a pleasant 22C.

“There will be an increase in the cloud, particularly in the western part of the country, today and that will maintain the lower temperatures we have enjoyed in the last few days,” said a forecaster at the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology in Abu Dhabi.

“There is also a chance for dust and sand to be picked up by the wind so it may result in overcast conditions.”

The winter weather system is being influenced by the convergence of a front of low pressure moving from Iran and high pressure coming from Saudi Arabia over the Arabian Gulf.

“This is causing the northwesterly wind to accelerate.

“We expect the temperatures to remain about the same over the next three days.

“This type of unsettled weather is normal for this time of year.”