Raiders jailed over Dh410,000 Dubai villa break-in

Men staked out area before targeting property in Jumeirah

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A criminal gang who stole more than Dh400,000 of cash and valuables during a raid at a Dubai home have been jailed for a total of nine years.

The three Chinese men had targeted the villa in Jumeirah after spotting the lights were off during a tour of the area to scout potential properties to burgle.

The trio, aged 42, 33 and 31, scaled a fence and forced open the front door of the villa to carry out the crime, a Dubai court heard.

The men smashed a wardrobe lock before stealing a safe containing three wristwatches valued at Dh100,000, personal documents and keys, including that of the owner's car.

They also snatched Dh310,000 of foreign currencies during the burglary, which occurred last October.

“I called police after informing my uncle who owns the villa about the burglary,” said a Saudi national, 28.

A team from Al Barsha Police Station examined the crime scene and collected evidence which they said led them to the offenders.

The court heard that the 42-year-old defendant was the mastermind behind the burglary plot - and had flown into the country with the intention of burgling residential homes.

He was arrested in January and allegedly confessed to his role.

During prosecution questioning, he said he entered the country on October 23 before meeting with his countrymen and renting a vehicle.

The three men drove around in Jumeirah area  before choosing the Saudi man’s villa after noticing no one was inside and the lights were off.

An Emirati lieutenant said the 33-year-old defendant was arrested on February 3 and denied any connection to the burglary, while the third suspect remains at large.

The trio were sentenced by Dubai Criminal Court to three years in prison each to be followed by deportation, with the man still at large sentenced in his absence.
The two who are present and in custody, lost an appeal against their sentences.