Pump your own or pay: Abu Dhabi petrol stations to roll out serving fee

Adnoc Distribution is also introducing LPG and fuel delivery service to drivers' homes

Adnoc Distribution, which operates also operates the Oasis convenience stores has virtual monopoly over fuel distribution in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.  Courtesy: Adnoc Distribution
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UPDATE: Pay to pump? Poll finds four in five motorists would prefer to fill their own tank

Motorists will be able to pump their own petrol or pay attendants a small fee to fill their tank under new plans announced by Adnoc Distribution.

The company will also deliver petrol to drivers homes under a new service to be rolled out for the first time.

From mid-April, customers at service stations in Abu Dhabi will have the choice of a new premium service, for a small fee, or a self-serve option.

The premium and self-serve options will then be rolled out to other stations in the UAE throughout 2018.

In addition, a new service called MyStation is being piloted, which provides customers with the choice of having LPG cylinders or fuel delivered to their home or vehicle.

Saeed Al Rashdi, acting CEO at Adnoc Distribution, said on Tuesday: “Delivering more choice, service and convenience to customers is at the heart of Adnoc Distribution’s transformation into a more performance driven and customer-centric company.

"With premium and self-serve options at service stations and, over time, a delivery option called MyStation, our fuel customers in the UAE will soon have more choice than ever before.

"This is a major step-change in how we serve our customers. To support a smooth roll out of the new services, we are increasing staffing levels at stations with premium and self-serve options, launching an extensive education campaign and waiving the premium service fee for an initial period while customers familiarise themselves with the new options."


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New uniforms for employees are being introduced so that customers can see the different fuel service options.

The company trialled a self-service only system in 2016 before settling on the latest plan announced on Tuesday.

John Carey, deputy CEO at Adnoc Distribution, said: “We invite all our valued customers to come and try our new services once they’re launched in mid-April. At a time when our customers are increasingly living busy lives with less time to fuel and shop we are delivering them greater choice, service and convenience. From mid-April customers at 40 stations in Abu Dhabi can choose the service which best suits their needs – either a premium service or self-serve."

Details of the premium fuel service fee are being finalised and will be released in the coming weeks. Elderly customers and people with disabilities will be exempt from any premium-service charges.

New safety features will be introduced for self-serve customers, including touch pads to minimise static and gloves for those customers who prefer to use them during self-serve.

The MyStation service, which delivers gasoline fuel or LPG cylinders to customers via an App, is currently being trialed in a small pilot underway in Abu Dhabi.

UPDATE: Pay to pump? Poll finds four in five motorists would prefer to fill their own tank