Policeman arrested after having sex with absconding maid

Emirati YT, 38, was in court to face a charge of seeking and accepting a bribe, but Filipino maid JC, 33, did not appear to face a charge of offering a bribe.

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DUBAI // A policeman had sex with an absconding maid in return for not arresting her, but was arrested himself minutes later, the Criminal Court heard.

Emirati Y T, 38, was in court to face a charge of seeking and accepting a bribe, but the Filipino maid, J C, 33, did not appear to face a charge of offering a bribe.

Prosecutors said the police’s anti-corruption section received complaints about Y T, who works for traffic patrols, for targeting women and attempting to strike up relationships with them to have sex.

“We received complaints that he would stop women suspected of crimes and ask for their mobile numbers then call them to start a friendship and attempt to have sex with them. We had him under surveillance,” said Emirati lieutenant S H, 23.

On May 25 this year S H received a tip-off that the defendant was meeting a woman. They followed his car to the car park of a men’s college at 11pm.

“At 11.45pm his car was exiting so we stopped it. I went to talk to him. However, when I introduced myself he became tense and denied having anyone in the car. Then I noticed the sun shield covering a woman sitting behind the driver’s seat,” S H said.

S H questioned Y T and J C for being at the college at such a late hour and both confessed to having sex in the car park. “We then went to the spot where they had parked and had sex, and found evidence,” said S H. Both were arrested and Y T confessed to meeting J C while he was on duty.

“He said he asked her for ID and discovered she was an absconding maid, in the country illegally, so he asked for her mobile number then let her go. The next day she called him and they agreed to have sex in return for him not arresting her,” S H said.

Prosecutors said that Y T had confessed during investigations to asking for a sexual bribe from the maid in return for not arresting her and helping her to amend her residency status.

J C confessed to absconding from her sponsor in August last year to work as a cleaner. She said Y T stopped her in Silicon Oasis and asked for ID.

She said he first asked if she could clean his flat in return for letting her go, but then he showed interest in her and wanted to have sex.

“He picked me up in a car then switched cars and took me to a dark building’s car park where we had sex,” the maid said.

A police lieutenant testified that Y T had told him the maid had offered sex but he did not ask for it.

Indian A K, 32, also testified that he had met Y T a few days before May 25 when his car was stopped by the defendant. “He was questioning everything, even my work, then took my phone number and on May 25 he called me and asked that he take my car for a while and I take his convertible, so I said yes,” said A K, who had no idea Y T was using the car to have sex with a woman.

A forensic report confirmed that Y T and J C had had sex at the time of arrest.

The pair will be referred to the Dubai Court of Misdemeanors to face a charge of consensual sex. The next hearing will be on October 14 to summon J C.