Police target illegal gamblers in Sharjah

Two men have been arrested for operating illegal betting games in the emirate.

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SHARJAH // Police in the emirate have arrested two men on charges of participating in illegal gambling.

One man was arrested for allegedly organising and participating in poker games and another for running a betting game that involves a screwdriver and a belt. Both men are from Bangladesh.

The first suspect, S A, was arrested while playing poker. During questioning by Sharjah Police he confessed to playing the game and mainly targeting labourers to yield profit.

The second suspect, M J, was arrested after being spotted during a routine police patrol. He was involved in a game popularly referred to as ‘screw belt’, which involves spinning a screwdriver and placing bets as to where it will land.

A police source said: “M J resisted arrest and tried to escape from the police but he was eventually caught with the tools he was using for gambling.”

In a game of screw belt, punters bet on where a spinning screwdriver will land. A belt or piece of fabric is wound around the handle of the screwdriver, then quickly loosed to mimic the effect of a spinning top.

In 2011, Dubai prosecutors tried 11 cases involving screw belt charges.

The two suspects are currently in prison and will be referred to public prosecution.

Sharjah Police urged members of the public to report those involved in gambling.