Police stings net three drug trafficking suspects

Three men arrested in two separate stings for attempting to sell crystal meth worth Dh740,000 and 63 capsules containing heroin.

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DUBAI// Three people have been arrested for attempting to sell drugs, including crystal meth worth Dh740,000 and 63 capsules containing heroin, in two separate sting operations in the past month, police said today.

In the first operation, on December 19, one of the suspects resisted arrest and unsuccessfully tried to escape.

Police had received information that an unemployed man, identified as M A, 24, from anunnamed Asian country, was intending to sell heroin in the Hor Al Anz area.

After confirming the information, an undercover police officer contacted M A and asked to buy the drug. A meeting time and place was decided and police put M A under surveillance.

At around 9.40pm, M A reportedly took 63 pills of heroin weighing 642 grams from a nearby house and gave them to a second suspect, identified as A S,  35, to deliver to the undercover police officer.

A S met with the undercover officer in his car and, shortly after delivering the heroin, was surrounded by police. He attempted to escape but was arrested.

M A, who was watching the delivery from the parking area, was also arrested.

In the second case, police arrested a man who was attempting to sell 5.7 kilograms of crystal meth worth Dh740,000, after smuggling it through Dubai airport. 

The arrest was made during a raid on his room in a Naif hotel on January 1, after police put the man under surveillance. 

The suspect, identified as G KH, in his thirties, had allegedly come to the UAE with the purpose of marketing the drugs.

The drugs were hidden in two of his suitcases, under specially made fibre covers. 

The suspects have been referred to the public prosecution.