Police ramp up campaign against illegal car stickers

Police intensify a campaign against motorists who post indecent words, symbols or shapes on vehicles.

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ABU DHABI // Police are intensifying a campaign against people who post indecent words, symbols or shapes on vehicles and will take legal action against violators. Col Khamis Ishaq, deputy director of the traffic and patrols department, said roads inside and around Abu Dhabi would be tightly controlled and police patrols would be looking out for any illegal logos.

Permission is required to display any kind of sticker on vehicles. Police said there were 1,636 violations of the law between March 1, when a federal traffic point system was introduced, and Oct 19. Under the traffic points system, "writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicles without permission" carries a Dh200 fine. Col Ishaq said the practice opposes Islamic values and Arab tradition and called on motorists, particularly young drivers, to respect the values of society and the law.

Last week, Dubai Police said they would begin fining motorists who put logos, stickers or images on their number plates. Brig Mohammed al Zafein, director of the Dubai Police traffic department, warned motorists against sticking logos and images on number plates to hide or bury the numbers on them, which he said confused traffic police. Officers sometimes can even have trouble identifying the source of a number plate, its type and its place of issue, he said."Traffic personnel have been given instructions to monitor and fine vehicles that do not abide by the rules."