Police come to the aid of 26 workers left stranded in Ajman

The Bangladeshi men were ditched in the emirate by con men who promised them jobs

Ajman police came to the rescue of 26 duped Bangladeshi workers who were conned out of cash and then ditched in the emirate by a pair of tricksters.

The beleaguered men were given food and accommodation - and return tickets back home - after telling the police's social section of their plight.

The group had spent several days without shelter when they contacted police.

They had been promised jobs in South Africa by the two men, from India and Pakistan, who took payment from the workers before obtaining visit visas for them and booking tickets for them to the UAE.

The victims were told they needed to stop off in the UAE before flying to South Africa.

“This comes in line with our initiative -one community- to further strengthen communications with the foreign community,” said Lt Col Saeed Khalifa Al Khatbi, head of Al Madeena police station.

"They picked them up from the Sharjah airport then ditched them in Ajman, the men had no place to sleep and didn't have enough money to buy food, or by tickets to return home," said the Lt Col.

The workers were found accommodation then Ajman police coordinated with the International Human Appeal in the emirate to cover for the men's stay and buy them airline tickets to return home. "They were even given some pocket money and were escorted by police to the plane's door," said the Lt Col.

He said that their investigation in the incident ended with the arrest of the two conmen and their referral to public prosecution.