10@10 podcast: Media in the UAE with Noura Al Kaabi

"We live in a world where we can watch anything and we can read anything".

Noura Al Kaabi is the UAE's Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development. She sat with The National's editor in chief, Mina Al-Oraibi, to discuss how different the media landscape is today than it was when The National launched in 2008.

Al Kaabi also gives her insights into how better to teach media literacy in today's youth. How can media remain free and open while still putting responsibility on the consumer to trust what's true and what's fake? In an era when anyone with a smart phone is a publisher, who is responsible for making sure what we consume is the truth?

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10@10 is The National's anniversary podcast. For the next ten days, we will bring you ten conversations with ten influencers who have helped shape the UAE into the global leader it is today.

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