Plumber not guilty of spanking woman in Dubai supermarket, court rules

Indian won criminal case and prosecution's appeal despite surveillance footage showing the incident.

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DUBAI // A plumber who won his case when accused of spanking a woman at a supermarket has also won the prosecution appeal.

Indian FF, 26, was accused by a 34-year-old Filipina of slapping her bottom at Nesto in Jebel Ali on August 9, 2012.

At Dubai Criminal Court in February the plumber said it was a lie and he won his case. On Thursday Dubai Court of Appeal agreed and upheld the man’s not guilty verdict on a forceful sex assault charge.

The Filipina had said in court: “I was picking some vegetables I needed when a man passing behind me suddenly slapped me on my behind.”

She said she screamed and then threw the carrot she was holding at him.

The woman called police and checked the supermarket’s surveillance camera and found the incident recorded.

However, for reasons not revealed, the court found him not guilty.