Parents pay up to Dh500,000 for children’s parties themed on Disney’s Frozen

Fake snow, singing actors in authentic dress and acrylic scenery are the order of the day at kids' parties in Dubai.

A Frozen themed birthday party at the Zabeel Saray hotel in Dubai had fake snow, special scenery and professional lighting. Courtesy Cheeky Little Events
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DUBAI // Wealthy parents are paying up to Dh500,000 for Frozen-themed birthday parties for their children who love the movie.

Several Dubai events companies are currently offering packages based on the smash Disney film that involves decorating back gardens in fake snow, singing actors in authentic dress, purpose-built acrylic scenery and movie-grade professional lighting.

“It sometimes feels a bit like a Hollywood production,” said Jane Victory, managing director at birthday party organiser Cheeky Little Events.

One of the biggest held so far was at the Voda Bar, in the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel, two weeks ago.

It included “Elsa makeover” booths for little girls, a snowball fight pit and a huge ceiling-to-floor LED screen playing the animated film.

"We basically just ripped everything out and replaced it all with things related to the Frozen movie," said Ms Victory.

She declined to say how much that specific party cost, but said the company had done Frozen parties that ranged from Dh1,200 to Dh500,000 in cost.

The film has become a runaway success thanks largely to its catchy soundtrack, which has been covered by everyone from wannabe YouTube divas to grunge rockers Pearl Jam.

To date, it has taken in US$1.2 billion (Dh4.4bn) at box offices worldwide, making it the fifth-biggest grossing film of all time, and the biggest grossing animated film.

Merchandise from the film is in heavy demand, and last week BabyCentre, which tracks baby names across the world, reported that the name Elsa had jumped 243 positions to become the 88th most popular girl’s name in the world.

“It was pretty much as soon as the film came out,” said Ms Victory. “We had one booking for a Frozen party that weekend.

“At the time, we didn’t even know what Frozen was, we had to Google it. Since then it has just taken off.

“Pretty much every weekend we have an Elsa out. Sometimes two.”

The company immediately put in orders to Mr Ben’s Costume Shop for an Elsa dress.

Its singers have sung Let It Go so many times, Ms Victory said they have even got the mannerisms of Elsa to an exact replica of that in the film.

One of the contractors hired by Ms Victory’s company, and others, is Desert Snow.

Ben Elliot-Scott, director of the company, said the popularity of the film has brought about a boom in themed party events, with the company typically providing snow to four parties every weekend.

“It’s proven extremely popular, and long may it continue,” he said.

Mr Elliot-Scott’s costs alone range from about Dh7,000 for a light dusting of snow in a garden, to about Dh75,000 for a full indoor and outdoor winter wonderland, with artificial ice rinks, snowball fight pits, frosted trees and LED dance floors.

“There’s really no limit on how much money you can spend on something like this,” he said.

“Some of the local clients are not afraid of getting a bit more involved and spending a bit more money, especially on their kid’s birthday parties.”

Mr Elliot-Scott said one of the perks of owning a snow effects company was that his two-year-old daughter would get her own Frozen-themed birthday party in September.

“My daughter is absolutely obsessed,” he said. “None of us in my family are called by our own names.

“I’m not daddy, I’m Kristoff. Her sister is Anna, my wife is Olaf and the dog is Sven.

“Hats off to Disney, it’s been an incredibly popular movie. The songs are continually in my head.”