Pakistan humanitarian organisation asks its government for repatriation of UAE prisoners

A humanitarian trust has requested that the Pakistani government do more to try and bring Pakistani prisoner in the UAE back to their homeland, in order to serve the remainder of their sentences closer to their families.

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ABU DHABI // A Pakistani organisation has asked its government to bring female Pakistani prisoners in the UAE back home so that they can serve their remaining sentences closer to their families.

The Karachi-based Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has filed a humanitarian case at the Sindh High Court.

Speaking to The National from Karachi, M Adnan Khan, international relations manager of the trust, said that nine Pakistani prisoners have asked them to help get transfer to Pakistan in accordance with an agreement made between Pakistani and UAE Governments.

Shehrish Kazmi, one of the Pakistani inmates wrote to Mr Sarim Burney, the trust founder, to follow up on the matter.

Ms Shehrish wrote that she, along with other inmates, signed an application on August 18 last year.

The letter further requested the trust help them as the female prisoners wanted to serve their sentences in Pakistan near to the families.

The requests were made by: Samim Akhtar, 55, sentenced to 25 years, Fashola Rohi, 40, sentenced to 25 years, Sehrish Kazmi, 27, sentenced to 25 years, Nazia Jahangir, 30, sentenced to 15 years, Taiba Rani, 20, sentenced to 15 years, Asma Gulam, 34, sentenced to 15 years, Sajda Farzand, 42, sentenced to 15 years, Barkat Bebe, 75, sentenced to 15 years and Salma Bebe, 45, serving 10 years.

The trust said that the government of Pakistan has signed an agreement with the UAE government in February 2012, for the transfer of the sentenced prisoners.

“Since 2012, no efforts have been made by the Pakistani government for prisoner transfers, especially the female ones,” the trust lawyer said in the Sindh High Court.

He maintained in court that the prisoners should be transferred to their country of origin to serve out the remaining sentences in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. The court has now asked the relevant authorities in Pakistan to respond.

The official said his trust approached the Pakistan Embassy in UAE several times but did not receive a response.

The Consulate General of Pakistan said that it is keeping up to date on the case proceedings in the Sindh High Court as well as staying in constant touch with Pakistani female prisoners in Dubai.

According to the mission, technical matters are being worked out by both governments to implement expeditious repatriation in such cases within the ambit of treaty.

According to the embassy of Pakistan there are about 1,500 Pakistani prisoners in UAE jails.