New breed of speed camera hits Dubai roads

New Smart Controller is more accurate, captures clearer images and moves remotely along roadside barriers speed cameras in Dubai travel alongside moving vehicles

The Smart Controller device is launched in Dubai on Sunday. Dubai Police
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It looks like something out of a Star Wars film, but Dubai’s new surveillance system will help tackle a very serious issue in the UAE: speeding.

Police said the Smart Controller has nine features which differentiate it from other speed cameras: the camera is more accurate, captures clearer images, records vehicle numbers but most notably, it distinguishable by its ability to move remotely along roadside barriers.

Dubai Police launched the new surveillance system on Sunday.

Maj Gen Abdullah Al Marri, Dubai Police General Commander, said the new technology was part of a shift towards adopting advanced innovations in all areas of police work.

A technical team was assigned to implement the Smart Controller system, which Maj Gen Al Marri said will increase surveillance on external roads and maintain road security.

“The latest traffic control technologies can prevent the reckless behaviour of some drivers who do not respect traffic regulations while deterring them to protect the lives of all roads users,” he said.

"The device includes a comprehensive system of technical features that can assist officers from traffic departments to improve electronic road surveillance and capture serious violations by drivers, along with promoting the Dubai Police strategy to assure that Dubai is a safe city."

The General Traffic Administration has implemented several initiatives and awareness campaigns in attempts to decrease road accidents.

“It has also intensified its traffic patrols and field presence along public streets where the numbers of accidents have increased, as well as its use of advanced technologies to monitor people who violate traffic regulations,” Maj Gen Al Marri said.