Motorist denies Abu Dhabi road rage attack

A motorist who was jailed for one month for a road rage attack in Abu Dhabi has appeared in court to contest the charges.

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ABU DHABI // A motorist who was jailed for one month for a road rage attack told an appeals court yesterday that he did not attack anyone.

Abu Dhabi Appeals Court, heard how O, a Jordanian, was driving on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street when he encountered his accuser driving slowly in front of him.

“I signalled for him to move but he was on the phone,” he said.

O overtook him, indicating right when he approached the right turn to Zayed Military Hospital.

“He thought I overtook him and gave him a signal to force him to stop,” he said.

The accuser then followed him into the hospital car park and got out of his car.

"I did not insult him or attack him, I just told him 'you were driving too slow, what if my brakes run out'," claimed O.

O said the argument did not escalate into violence, despite the fact that the accuser produced a medical report indicating he had sustained injuries.

"He started yelling at me and saying let's bring the police to settle the dispute," said O. "I said 'why the police? Nothing happened'."

The Jordanian claimed there were witnesses to the incident but during his previous trial at Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance they were not called to testify.

Previously, he was sentenced to one month in jail and a Dh3,000 fine.

“I can bring them [the witnesses] here to testify, and we can capture the CCTV footage to see what really happened,” he said.

The verdict will be reached on December 17.