Mother weeps in a Dubai court as son admits taking hashish

A Syrian student was found to have three pieces of the drug stashed in his car at Ibn Battuta Mall.

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DUBAI // A mother wept in court on Thursday as her son admitted being guilty of using hashish.

Syrian student T G, 21, was found to have three pieces of the drug in his car – one weighing 40.6 grams, one 32.1g and one 14.6g.

His mother broke down in tears in Dubai Criminal Court as he admitted to the judge to taking the drug.

Emirati policeman A A, 36, said intelligence showed the suspect had the drug in his possession.

“I was tasked to apprehend the defendant after we secured the proper search warrants on February 23,” the officer said.

“Our sources located the suspect parked in his car in Ibn Battuta Mall at 9pm that night.

“After we identified ourselves and told him we have a warrant to apprehend and search him, the defendant showed aggression and resistance when we tried to cuff him. It took us about five minutes to subdue him and shackle him.

“We didn’t find any drugs on him. However, when we searched the car, we found a Reebok backpack that contained two small bags, one of them contained two pieces of hashish – one weighing 40.6g, the other piece 14.64g.

“The other bag contained a knife and tobacco laced with marijuana weighing 32.17g.”

The officer said traces of the drug were also found in the defendant’s urine sample.

When the judge announced that sentencing would be on June 16, the grieving mother requested that the verdict be issued sooner.

The judge denied the request.