Man who ran Dubai brothel and gambling den jailed for a year

Police were called to the house after drunk customers started fighting and one was injured in the head.

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Salam Al Amir

Dubai // A man who ran a brothel, a gambling den and a nightclub at his rented villa has been jailed for a year.

The Chinese defendant H Z, 34, went on trial in September along with four compatriot women – T Y, 31, H Y, 30, Y J, 25 and Z T 24.

The women were charged with prostitution but were acquitted at Dubai Criminal Court on Thursday.

Police responded to reports of an assault at the villa in Bu Hail on May 23 last year after a number of drunk customers starting fighting and one was injured in the head, the court heard.

When police arrived they found two rooms were turned into a nightclub while one room was an alcohol store.

Two more rooms were turned into a gambling den while the remaining four rooms were used by prostitutes, the court heard in September.

An Emirati policeman K G, 25, said there were cameras installed all over the villa. “We found great quantities of liquor in the villa,” said K G adding that more than Dh30,000 in cash was found.

H Z will be deported after completing his jail term.