Man tells Dubai court he was handing knife to friend, not trying to kill him

Construction worker is on trial for attempted murder but he says he was merely trying to do a friend a favour.

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DUBAI // A man accused of attempting to kill his friend told Dubai Criminal Court that he was only handing him the knife and did not wish to kill him.

Prosecutors said that on February 26 last year, N L, 32, from Vietnam, stabbed LD, whose nationality and age were not provided but who is still alive.

However, Malaysian site manager W S, 39, said: “I was passing by near the work site at the Dubai [International] Financial Centre when I heard the defendant and the victim arguing. I worked it out between the two of them and each one went on his way.”

He said that 15 minutes later he heard the victim’s scream and, when he went to check on him, he found L D standing with his hand on his chest, bleeding and pointing at the defendant as the attacker.

“I called police and an ambulance then I returned to the defendant to ask him what had happened but found that he had fled,” added W S.

The Vietnamese man said: “I did not intend to kill him, I was just handing him the knife, which he asked for. Besides, he is doing well now.”

A verdict is expected on April 26.