Man ‘stabs himself after girlfriend refuses to marry him’

Bangladeshi stabbed himself in the stomach when his Chinese girlfriend said she did not love him.

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AJMAN // A 26-year-old man stabbed himself in the stomach with a knife at his apartment when his girlfriend refused to marry him, police said.

The pair were arrested on December 3 at Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Ajman when the Chinese girlfriend, G Z, 36, took Bangladeshi boyfriend J A there with the help of his Indian friend, B D. The hospital called police about the incident.

The girlfriend admitted to Ajman Police that she had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for about a year and had sex with him many times.

“I came on December 2 to J A’s apartment in Liwara at about 12.11pm, I entered his bedroom and stayed there until he asked me to have sex with him.

“I refused and told him I was tired and did not want to have sex,” the girlfriend told police investigators.

“He got mad at what I said and then told me that he loved me and asked why I don’t give him sex. I told him that I wanted to leave, which made him more upset and he took a knife and stabbed himself. Then he took my phone and called his friend to come to take him to the hospital.”

The boyfriend admitted the incident to police. “G Z had been coming to my house for a year and when I asked her to convert from Buddhism to Islam to marry her, she came after two days and told me that she doesn’t love me and doesn’t know me, which made me angry and I stabbed myself,” he said.

Police referred the case to prosecutors for charges to be brought.