Man sentenced to death for slitting throat of his boss

The Pakistani man lured his boss to an empty warehouse, where he slit his throat and hid his body in a bin bag. He then stole Dh200,000 of the boss's money before fleeing the country.

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DUBAI // A man who slit his boss’s throat before stealing more than Dh200,000 from him was sentenced to death on Tuesday.

Pakistani M R S, 31, who is still at large, was found guilty of the premeditated murder of Ehsan Rida. His colleague, M A A, 36, also from Pakistan, who was also accused of the crime, was acquitted.

The Dubai Criminal Court was told that on May 29, 2009 M R S persuaded Rida to meet him at a warehouse.

When he arrived, M R S attacked him from behind, repeatedly stabbed him and then slit his throat.

He placed the body in a rubbish bag then dumped it in an abandoned warehouse, where it was discovered days later.

He claimed to prosecutors that M A A helped him dispose of the body.

Records show that M R S stole Rida’s wallet and two cheques. He then used the victim’s ATM cards he found in the wallet to withdraw more than Dh92,000.

He also forged the victim’s signature on the two cheques, then cashed them at a bank for Dh85,000.

He gave Dh10,000 to M A A and bought him a flight ticket to leave the country.

A few days later, M R S took a flight to Pakistan.

On June 12 last year, M A A was extradited from Pakistan. During interrogations he said M R S threatened to kill him if he did not help hide the body.

“He stabbed him first in the abdomen then back and other parts of his body before he started stabbing his face to disfigure him, and last he cut his throat,” said M A A.

Under UAE law, all death penalty verdicts are automatically sent to Appeal Court.