Man releases two dogs from quarantine using fake Government stamp

A sales representative denied forging an official Ministry of Climate Change and Environment stamp at Dubai Criminal Court

A sales representative is accused of forging a stamp from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to release his two dogs from quarantine, heard Dubai Criminal Court.

Prosecutors said that on August 24 this year, the defendant received two dogs from Brazil. As per procedures, the dogs were then referred to quarantine to undergo a check-up for infections.

The Filipino veterinarian, 33, dealing with the case said: “I received the dogs and sent them to the quarantine at Terminal 2, but two hours later I returned to check on them and didn't find them. I was told they were discharged, so I requested all the documents of their discharge from Dubai customs office at the airport because I knew they hadn’t yet undergone a check-up.”

He said that when he checked the documents he noticed that the stamp, which was attributed to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, was not an original, so he reported the incident.

Police apprehended a 26-year-old Syrian man on September 14.

He was charged with altering an official document, forging an official stamp and using the forged official stamp. During the prosecution’s interrogations, he allegedly admitted that he wanted to get the dogs out before they could be seen by a vet.

He denied the charges in court on Tuesday morning.

The next hearing will be on December 31.

Published: December 12, 2017 03:12 PM