Man died after being punched in the head in dispute over photographs, Dubai court told

Court hears that ‘upset’ student wanted Indian man to stop taking photographs in cafe.

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DUBAI // A student assaulted a man, causing a brain haemorrhage that led to his death, for taking photos at a cafe, Dubai Criminal Court has heard.

Prosecutors said that on August 9, Emirati K B was at a cafe in the One and Only Royal Mirage in Mina Seyahi with a woman, when the Indian victim, M O, who was there with his uncle and two of his friends, began taking pictures of each other.

Their table was nearly 15 metres away from where the accused was sitting, the court heard.

Indian waiter S S, 23, told the court the accused spoke to him when the party started to take photos. “The defendant called me and he was upset and asked me to go to the victim and ask him to stop,” the waiter said.

When he passed the request on to the victim and his friends, they were surprised and told the waiter they were only taking photos of themselves.

“I was then surprised to see that K B approached the victim’s table and asked him why he was taking pictures,” the waiter said. “The victim told him it was not his problem but the angry student did not calm down and accused the other of shouting at him, then punched him to the head twice before the victim fell unconscious on the sofa.”

A M, 39, the manager of the cafe, told the court he heard screams coming from the cafe and saw the assault.

“I pulled him away and asked him why had he done that. He said the man took more than 60 pictures. I told him that he should have informed me instead,” the manager said.

The accused tried to leave the cafe but was stopped by the manager, who took his Emirates ID card until the ambulance arrived, the waiter said. His guest was allowed to leave. The manager performed first aid on the victim.

“He had a very weak pulse and I tried to resuscitate his heart,” the manager said. “Then the ambulance arrived and took him to hospital and I learnt later that he had passed away.”

A forensic report showed M O died as a result of a brain haemorrhage from blows to the head.

The next hearing is scheduled for October 25.