Man 'did not rape' because his wife's prettier

Attorney requests permission to bring client's wife to court to show demonstrate how attractive she is.

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ABU DHABI //The lawyer of a man charged with rape has requested permission to bring his client's wife to court, claiming she is so beautiful that he has no need for other women.
The Filipina maid of RM, a Jordanian, accused him of committing the crime while his wife was at work and his 13-year-old son was playing computer games in his room.
"The incident sounds impossible," said Fayza Moussa, the defence lawyer. "Why would he commit rape while his son is in the house?"
"My client also suffers diabetes and he is sexually weak; rape requires the lower part of the penis to be strong."
Ms Moussa said the defendant had not had sex with his wife for four months before the incident because of his condition, and added that the wife was more attractive than the maid.
Responding to forensics reports that showed traces of the defendant's semen on his clothes, he said he had watched a pornographic film and ejaculated.
She also noted that her client was much bigger than the victim.
"If he had held LA against the wall while raping her, as she had claimed, there would have been some marks at least from his fingers on her body."
Ms Moussa said the maid had laid the charge because the defendent's wife has scolded her. A verdict will be announced on January 24.