Man conned sibling out of inheritance share by saying he’s a minor, Dubai court hears

Emirati told authorities that brother who had no papers was minor, even though the Indian-born brother says he is 25.

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DUBAI // A man tricked his brother and forged documents to have a plot of land sold without his knowledge, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday morning.

Prosecutors told the court that Emirati MM, 43, forged a document with the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation stating that his half-brother, MKM, was a minor and then used the document to sell the plot inherited from their dead father without the knowledge or approval of the brother.

MKM said: “I was born in India and did not have any identification documents, despite the fact that my father is an Emirati.

“I asked my brothers to finalise these documents so we can sell the plot left by my father but they stalled and then, in 2014, I discovered that the plot had been sold.

“When I asked around I was told by Awqaf and Minors Affairs that I was listed as a minor, although I am 25 years old.”

MM was then charged with forgery and use of forged documents.

Awqaf employee, HH, 42, from Egypt, told the court: “He came to me on February 18 last year and applied to sell a land plot and listed one brother as a minor.

“I did not know – he said that his brother knew of it.”

In court the defendant denied the charges.

The next hearing will be later this month.