Man assaults brother-in-law during attempted attack on sister-in-law

The man allegedly charged at his sister in law so her brother got between them to protect her

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A man hit his brother-in-law with a rock after he tried to stop him from attacking his sister, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The 44-year-old Syrian lived with his wife in a room in a villa in Al Aweer, where his sister and husband also live.

On June 4, at nearly 6pm, the victim and his sister were stood outside the house when the defendant came towards them.

“I saw my other sister’s husband - the defendant - storming towards me and my sister,” said the victim, 24.

He said the accused screamed at his sister and was about to hit her when he stood between them to protect her.
"He kicked me repeatedly then, when I fell down, he grabbed a rock and hit me with it. I started bleeding, after which he went inside, only to return carrying a knife," said the man.

Prosecutors said the defendant screamed at his sister-in-law, telling her he would slaughter her, as he brandished a knife in her face.

“You are an animal! Who are you to scream at me? I will slaughter you! I will make you bleed!” the defendant allegedly said.

The woman called police who arrested the her brother-in-law and an ambulance took her injured brother to the hospital. A medical report showed that his injuries were minor.

It is unclear why the man was angry with his sister-in-law.

On Sunday, the defendant was not charged with any crimes as the court ordered the prosecution submit further information regarding the alleged insults issued by the defendant.

The next hearing was scheduled for December 5.