Man arrested in Dubai after sharing video mocking Arabs

Recording of man dressed in kandura while waving cash sparked online anger

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A man who sparked social media outrage after posting a video of himself appearing to mock Arabs has been arrested in Dubai.

He was arrested on Thursday after the footage, in which he is seen wearing a kandura while waving cash and posing in front of a fleet of cars, was reported to police.

Col Faisal Al Qasim, director of security media at Dubai Police, said the suspect is in custody and investigations are continuing.

Dubai police called on members of the public to respect UAE laws and refrain from circulating any disrespectful clips or pictures online.

In the minute-long clip the man, who is believed to be of Arab heritage, is seen placing a trail of notes on the floor in front of women.

A UAE national shared the video online, along with a voice note message urging authorities to take action due to its content.

"I'm really surprised at this clip which is one among many this man had been posting," said the Emirati in his voice note which The National received.
"He is insulting Emirati traditional clothes and insulting women in general," said the man, whose identity was not disclosed.

Social media users expressed concern over the footage.

“These offenders must be arrested and face legal action,” said one man on Twitter.

Another thanked Dubai police for their swift action.
"He deserves to be arrested and I hope he will be an example for others who attempt to do the same," another man tweeted.