Maid who stole for more than a year jailed by Dubai court

Filipina stole more than Dh4,500 in cash over the period of time, as well as a gold necklace, from her South African employer.

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DUBAI // A maid who stole from one of her customers for more than a year before she was caught will spend three months in jail, Dubai Criminal Court ruled.

The 24-year-old Filipina was found guilty of theft, which she denied in court earlier this month.

When a South African air hostess hired her, she started noticing money and valuables going missing, but she did not suspect anyone and so did not go to police.

However, on February 24 the 39-year-old flight attendant put Dh10,000 in a drawer in her bedroom and left her Al Barsha apartment with only the maid present. “When I returned and checked the cash I noticed it was Dh250 less,” the woman said.

She went through her items and also noticed a golden necklace missing, so she reported the maid to police.

Investigations revealed that the defendant stole Dh4,500 in cash and a gold necklace worth Dh10,000.

The Filipina will be deported after serving her term.