Luxury 'Mania' yacht to go on sale in Dubai

Pre-owned Boat Show, in November, offers buyers a chance to trade up or find a good deal.

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DUBAI // It could be the bargain of the year for boat enthusiasts - a 25-metre luxury yacht fitted with every possible gadget and convenience, including a Jacuzzi, for Dh33 million less than it cost new two years ago.

The only possible snag is that a prospective buyer would still have to find Dh22m before taking possession.

The lavishly appointed Mania, named after the wife of its owner Issam Khairallah, will be one of the star attractions at the second Dubai Pre-owned Boat Show, which will take place at the Dubai Creek Marina from November 17 to 19.

The first show was planned against the backdrop of the economic downturn, which had a big impact on the prices of used yachts.

"We want to provide affordable boats," said Mustafa Al Hashimi, the Dubai Creek Club manager. "The point is to attract people into this beautiful pastime. Dubai is set up to be very boat-friendly."

The organisers expect that the show will feature 80 vessels, 20 more than last year, when boats worth a total of Dh55m were on display.

The Mania is one of two vessels being sold by Mr Khairallah, the president of the show's sponsor Midex Airlines. It is so advanced that it can arrive at its destination without the ship's captain having to do anything. Simply set the GPS and a radar system connected to the steering gear navigates around any obstacles.

If the Mania is out of one's financial league then a boat can be purchased for a lot less - the cheapest vessel sold last year was 4.5 metres long and cost Dh30,000. And if that is still too much, there is the consolation that admission to the show is free.