Jail term upheld for man who molested teenage girl in her home at knife-point

Sri Lankan broke into Indian family's home in the dead of night to steal but ended up forcing 14-year-old to strip before he sexually assaulted her.

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DUBAI // A cleaner who molested a 14-year-old girl at knifepoint in her own bedroom will have to see out his three-year sentence.

On January 27 at 3am, the Sri Lankan, 37, climbed into an Indian family’s house through an open window, looking for valuables.

He took a knife from the kitchen then searched for something to steal before walking into the victim’s room.

The burglar gagged the girl with tape, forced her to take off her clothes and molested her before fleeing.

The girl told her father about the intruder and he ran outside in pursuit.

“I couldn’t find him and after I returned home my wife told me of the sex assault,” said the father, 47.

Police found the Sri Lankan’s ring, which had fallen off during his escape, in the house.

The girl said that almost a month later she saw the suspect in a public park near her home and took a photo of him before calling police.

Prosecutors said the man confessed to sexual assault, attempted robbery and trespassing during questioning, but he denied the charges in the criminal and appeal courts.

He will be deported after serving his term.