Istabsir: Jumeirah Beach Walk

In our weekly series of visual essays, Galen Clarke follows the Dubaians in the know to the newest hotspot that maintains a mellow vibe.

The beach walk in Jumeirah might still be a new Dubai destination, but it has become one of the liveliest spots in town.

Shops and restaurants line wide sidewalks paved with cobblestones. Mothers with babies, young couples and kids of all ages walk past tables and chairs that spill out from restaurants. Some are there to choose a restaurant or to do some shopping, but many are out just to enjoy a long walk on a pleasant street.

On busy week and weekend nights, kiosks offer everything from jewellery to beach toys. The way they crowd together to create narrow alleyways is reminiscent of a souq. Elsewhere, teenagers practise tricks on skateboards and children play in the sand.

It's the perfect beach destination as well. Beachgoers are just a stroll away from refreshments and in many cases, home. Jumeirah Beach Residence occupies the upper level of the complex and provides much of the traffic along the walk.

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