Inmate with Aids convicted of dripping infected blood into teapot

The Emirati inmate sentenced to six further months in prison for endangering other prisoners and threatening a food server with assault

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DUBAI// A prisoner with Aids was found guilty of endangering other inmates by dripping his infected blood into a communal teapot.

The criminal court heard that on August 31 last year, Emirati H M, 20, was in his cell when Bangladeshi prisoner, M B H, passed by pushing a food trolley.

M B H, 28, said H M had threatened him with assault if he didn’t call a police guard.

When M B H returned he saw that the defendant had pulled the food trolley up to his cell.

“The police guard asked me to leave and said he would handle it,” said M B H.

Policeman W H, 21,from the Comoros Islands, said he saw the food carriage tied to the defendant’s cell bars with a rope made of bedsheets.

“He was threatening that he would spray the food with his blood, then cut his left hand and started dripping his blood into the teapot,” said the policeman.

“I asked him what he wanted and he said that his issue was not with me but with the officer on duty,” said the policeman.

H M had previously denied the charges. “How could I have done that when I was in solitary confinement?” he said.

He was sentenced to a further six months in prison.