Indian salesman accused in court of stealing hundreds of TVs from Dubai warehouse

A salesman is accused of stealing 654 television sets worth close to Dh900,000 from a warehouse.

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DUBAI // A salesman helped to empty a warehouse of 654 TV sets, two dishwashers and a vacuum cleaner, a court has heard.
Indian G?B, 46, took the sets worth almost Dh880,000, and the other gear from the Al Qusais warehouse on February 7 with the help of five men who are still at large, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.
One of the owners of the goods, M?N, said: "At 10.30pm on the night of the incident I was on my way home when I passed our company's warehouse and noticed the lights were on. I called the store supervisor and he informed me that he turned them off before he closed the warehouse the previous night.
"I immediately went to the warehouse and peeked inside it through the keyhole only to discover that the warehouse was almost empty.
"When I tried to unlock it I found there was a new lock, so I called the supervisor and he informed me he didn't change the lock."
Policeman M?A, 23, said: "When we caught the defendant, he admitted to stealing from the warehouse.
"He said that a friend of his, R, called him and told him he needed to move electronics that he has to another warehouse, and told him to meet in Al Qusais the next day."
Police records show the defendant and R opened the warehouse and, with four other men, loaded the electronics on three pickup trucks.
R then allegedly paid the defendant and they transferred the stolen items to a private warehouse the salesman had rented.
Police say the salesman said he and R sold some goods. A total of 405 items, worth about Dh500,000, were returned to the owner.
The defendant denied the charges. The next hearing is due on June 3.