Hundreds of Pakistanis and Indians denied entry into Dubai for failing to meet visit visa requirements

The citizens were stranded at the airport since Tuesday

Hundreds of Pakistanis who arrived on a Pakistan International Airlines flight were refused entry into Dubai for failing to meet tourist visa entry requirements. Asif Hassan / AFP
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Hundreds of Pakistanis and Indians were denied entry into Dubai after failing to meet visit visa requirements, such as proof of funds, return ticket and hotel reservation or relative contact.

The passengers arrived at Dubai International Airport on board flights operated by Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates, Air Blue and Flydubai.

A group of 545 Pakistanis and about 150 to 200 Indian citizens were stopped at the airport.

The General Consulate of Pakistan and the Indian consulate confirmed the news to The National on Thursday.

The repatriation process has begun and at least 169 Pakistanis have been flown back to their home country so far.

About 50 Indians were able to clear their status and were granted entry to the Emirates, the Indian consulate said. The others were sent back and about 50 are currently waiting at the departure gate.

Neeraj Agarwal, press officer at the Indian Consulate, said the passengers were asked to show that they had a minimum of Dh2,000 to support their stay and other visit visa entry requirements, which they failed to present.

Dubai's General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs said: "A small number of travellers from Pakistan were denied entry at Dubai International Airport due to non-compliance with entry requirements for tourist visas."

The authority said the majority of passengers, who are compliant with visa rules and arrive at Dubai International Airport, face no delays on entry.

UAE immigration laws state that tourist visa holders must have a return airline ticket, sufficient funds during their stay, hotel reservation or address and contact of the relative they are staying with.

Staff from the Pakistani and Indian consulate are providing assistance to their citizens.

*This story has been amended since publication to more accurately reflect the number of travellers