Abu Dhabi announces new initatives to promote the Arabic language

Ten programmes will help preserve Arabic and encourage its use

The Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre has announced programmes to promote Arabic.

Initiatives announced at an online conference on Tuesday will help develop interest in the language and ensure that it is adopted at all levels in society.

The initiatives include creating more Arabic content, developing digital platforms in the language, using it in various fields and encouraging research in the language.

The centre has also been given the task of promoting the language globally.

It will develop 10 programmes to promote Arabic, including Zayed Poetry Encyclopedia, the Global Arabic Proficiency Exam, Arabic on the World Stage programme, and the Arabic Book programme.

It will work with academic and cultural institutions, scholars and researchers across the world to preserve and encourage the use of the language.

The centre will recommend policies that will promote Arabic in the public and private sector.

The strategic plan was approved by Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Office.

“We are working with linguists and educators to develop a modern Arabic language proficiency test for beginners and professionals at a level that qualifies it for accreditation by the world’s top educational and employment institutions,” said Dr Ali bin Tamim, chairman of Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre.

“The new test will be designed to accurately measure the proficiency of non-Arabic speakers, and help them to study in the Arabic language.”