A look inside the planned new markets for Mina Zayed

New video shows plans for fish, fruit and vegetable and seasonal markets

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Developers have released a video of what Mina Zayed's new markets will look like once the area in Abu Dhabi is completely overhauled.

Modon Properties, the company behind the demolition of Mina Plaza, plan to transform Mina Zayed into a tourism, commercial and residential destination spread across three million square metres.

At least half of this will be redeveloped as a prime seafront area.

After demolition: Here's what the redevelopment of the Mina Zayed area will look like

After demolition: Here's what the redevelopment of the Mina Zayed area will look like

The work includes overhauling the souqs and building separate facilities for fish, fruit and vegetable markets.

Work is already under way to replace the fish market with a modern complex under construction next door to the original.

The historic fish market has been serving customers for more than three decades and is a prominent part of the new plans.

Work to regenerate the area will be carried out in phases, starting with the fish market, which is due for completion late next year.

“The structure is up and we started sealing the building of the façade; the next market most likely to move is the plant,” said Bill O'Regan, acting chief executive of Modon Properties.

He said the new development would also include a new plant, furnishing, fruit and vegetable markets to replace the existing ones.

Other markets could also be added, such as antiques, spices, and seasonal local produce.

“So it will become a destination where people can spend their day; you will come for fruits and veggies, but stay for hours,” he said.

The traditional, long-standing shops and markets will be allowed to stay open during the area's landmark redevelopment.

It will bring relief to traders in the historic area known for its colourful souqs, who were worried about the future of their businesses.

Watch the Mina Plaza explosion

Watch the Mina Plaza explosion

Mr O'Regan said residents and visitors should not be concerned that “the vibrancy and heritage of Mina Is lost in the new developments.

“It is very important to us, and the leadership of Abu Dhabi, and the people to preserve it,” he said.

“This project is about the markets and the place, and not about the buildings that we are developing.”

The other side of Mina Zayed, which includes the co-op, warehouses and rugs' market will remain intact and are not included in the development project.


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