UAE Helping Hands: donor pays Dh140,000 to cover urgent surgery for Dubai baker

Hassan Sultan was at risk of losing his sight and was in urgent need of care

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - December 1st, 2017: Hassan Ali needs donations to help pay for operations for his ear and eyes. He had lost his sight and hearing after thyroid surgery. Friday, December 1st, 2017 at Habib Bakery, Dubai. Chris Whiteoak / The National

A man who needs two surgeries at a cost of Dh140,000 to save his sight has thanked an anonymous donor for covering the cost of the procedures.

Hassan Sultan, who has worked at a bakery in Dubai for 23 years, has been silently tolerating his medical issues after developing complications from a thyroid surgery five years ago.

The 53-year-old Iranian suffered from hearing problems, paralysis and a dry eye and urgently needs to undergo surgeries for his eye and face.

Mr Sultan has no health insurance and earns just Dh3,000 a month. He also supports his seven children but shortly after his plight was published in The National, a reader - who requested anonymity - came forward and paid the cost of his medical treatments.

“I am so grateful and I just want this person to know that I pray for him or her in all my prayers,” he said.

“Ill finally have my surgery – two surgeries for my eye and face.”

Mr Sultan said speaking to The National was his last resort.

“I never expected that someone would come forward and pay all the cost for my surgery so fast.

“I hope this reaches them and they know that their donation has have helped relieve me of so much pain.” Without surgery, Mr Hassan would have lost his eyesight.

“I didn’t complain or say anything for five years but it was becoming too hard for me. I am so relieved that I got help so quickly. I approached many charities and they said that they could not help me.”

Hisham Al Zahrani, manager of Zakat and Social Services at Dar Al Ber said, "It is unusual for us to receive such a large donation so fast and in one lump sum.

“We were all ecstatic and immediately contacted Mr Sultan and the hospital to arrange for the surgeries.”

He said Mr Hassan wanted to wait a few days till his neurologist returned from leave before booking his procedure.

“I hope all our Helping Hand cases receive such support."