ABU DHABI - 12JUL2011 - The overlowing garbage bins and garbage all around teh bins are seen in Khalidiyah area behind Al Muhairy Centre in Abu Dhabi. Ravindranath K / The National
Overflowing bins are seen in Abu Dhabi. The municipality has now launched a hygiene campaign to keep the city clean.

New workers targeted in bid to keep city clean

ABU DHABI // Thousands of new workers arriving at Abu Dhabi International Airport and taxi drivers were the targets of an awareness campaign to keep the capital clean.

About 5,000 pamphlets outlining fines for public health and hygiene violations such as spitting and littering were handed out to labourers arriving in the country last week. On Wednesday, 8,000 more were distributed to taxi drivers.

Khaleefa Al Romaithi, Abu Dhabi municipality's director of public health, said workers were specifically identified for the education campaign because "many of them come from societies where there are different rules".

"We want to inform them when they arrive that there are rules here," Mr Al Romaithi said. "We're trying to send the message to the whole community that this shouldn't happen in Abu Dhabi."

Last month, the municipality stepped up efforts to enforce public health regulations. Spitting on the street is punishable by a Dh100 fine, while dropping chewing gum could cost offenders Dh200. Littering or throwing cigarette butts in the street comes with a Dh500 fine.

While some offenders have been fined on the spot by municipal inspectors, others are caught while driving. Violators will not be able to renew their licences until they pay the fine.

"The problem we are facing when we give the fine is that people are saying, 'I didn't know it's not allowed'," Mr Al Romaithi said. "We don't want anyone to say this again. Everyone in Abu Dhabi is to know that this is not allowed."

The pamphlets were distributed in Arabic, English, Urdu and Bengali. Leaflets were inserted in to passports for workers at the airport, and awareness messages are displayed on monitors in the terminal.

Next week, inspectors will continue the campaign on city buses, distributing more pamphlets and giving presentations. More than 15,000 leaflets are expected to be distributed next year.

The campaign is "a great idea", said Saif Hamam, a business development consultant at Emirates Institute for Health and Safety, an organisation in Abu Dhabi that offers training to improve health, safety and hygiene for workers.

"It's a step forward. In Abu Dhabi, it is obvious that the environment is not respected, and people from different cultures and nationalities, they may not understand the concept of protecting it."

Mr Hamam said he hoped the municipality would consider a similar campaign for distributing information on workplace health and safety regulations.

The leaflets are not designed specifically for labourers, and Mr Al Romaithi said the campaign would expand to include tourists and residents. "We want everyone to know about this," he said.

The municipality will study trends in the fines over the next three months to determine how well the campaign is working.

UAE currency: the story behind the money in your pockets
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Company name: Hoopla
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Russia's Muslim Heartlands

Dominic Rubin, Oxford

Manchester City 4
Otamendi (52) Sterling (59) Stones (67) Brahim Diaz (81)

Real Madrid 1
Oscar (90)

Women’s Asia Cup

UAE fixtures
Sun Oct 2, v Sri Lanka
Tue Oct 4, v India
Wed Oct 5, v Malaysia
Fri Oct 7, v Thailand
Sun Oct 9, v Pakistan
Tue Oct 11, v Bangladesh

UAE squad
Chaya Mughal (captain), Esha Oza, Kavisha Kumari, Khushi Sharma, Theertha Satish, Lavanya Keny, Priyanjali Jain, Suraksha Kotte, Natasha Cherriath, Indhuja Nandakumar, Rishitha Rajith, Vaishnave Mahesh, Siya Gokhale, Samaira Dharnidharka, Mahika Gaur


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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology, a digital system in which data is recorded across multiple places at the same time. Unlike traditional databases, DLTs have no central administrator or centralised data storage. They are transparent because the data is visible and, because they are automatically replicated and impossible to be tampered with, they are secure.

The main difference between blockchain and other forms of DLT is the way data is stored as ‘blocks’ – new transactions are added to the existing ‘chain’ of past transactions, hence the name ‘blockchain’. It is impossible to delete or modify information on the chain due to the replication of blocks across various locations.

Blockchain is mostly associated with cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Due to the inability to tamper with transactions, advocates say this makes the currency more secure and safer than traditional systems. It is maintained by a network of people referred to as ‘miners’, who receive rewards for solving complex mathematical equations that enable transactions to go through.

However, one of the major problems that has come to light has been the presence of illicit material buried in the Bitcoin blockchain, linking it to the dark web.

Other blockchain platforms can offer things like smart contracts, which are automatically implemented when specific conditions from all interested parties are reached, cutting the time involved and the risk of mistakes. Another use could be storing medical records, as patients can be confident their information cannot be changed. The technology can also be used in supply chains, voting and has the potential to used for storing property records.


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Abdullah Humaid Al Muhairi, Abdullah Al Marri, Omar Al Marzooqi, Salem Al Suwaidi, and Ali Al Karbi (four to be selected).
Men: Narmandakh Bayanmunkh (66kg), Nugzari Tatalashvili (81kg), Aram Grigorian (90kg), Dzhafar Kostoev (100kg), Magomedomar Magomedomarov (+100kg); women's Khorloodoi Bishrelt (52kg).

Safia Al Sayegh (women's road race).

Men: Yousef Rashid Al Matroushi (100m freestyle); women: Maha Abdullah Al Shehi (200m freestyle).

Maryam Mohammed Al Farsi (women's 100 metres).

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