Coronavirus: Dubai Police issues winter warning to beach-goers to abide by Covid-19 measures or face fines

The force is calling on the public to wear face masks and avoid large gatherings

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Police in Dubai warned beach-goers to abide by Covid-19 safety measures during the peak winter season.

Crowds traditionally flock to the emirate's beaches when the searing summer heat gives way to cooler conditions.

Police urged the public to put safety first when soaking up the sunshine as authorities continue to deal with the pandemic.

The force released a short advisory video to its 1.7 million followers on Twitter asking people to adhere to key coronavirus measures or face financial penalties.

These include wearing a face mask, keeping a distance of at least two metres from others and not gathering in groups of more than five, unless they are family members.

Those caught on the beach without face masks or gathering in large groups face fines of Dh3,000.

"Because your safety is important to us, we ask you to follow the precautionary measures when going to the beaches of the emirate. Co-operate with us to ensure your safety," police said on Twitter.

Police officials said 721 people were caught breaching safety guidelines between May 29 and September 20.

The UAE attorney general first started issuing penalties for flouting Covid-19 guidelines on March 27.

Security teams on bicycles, boats, motorcycles and cars, as well as beach patrols and drones, are used to ensure people abide by the rules in the emirate.

"Drones are equipped with high-tech cameras that can zone in on wide areas during day or night," Col Saeed Al Madhani, director of Ports Police Station in Dubai, told The National last month.

“They also have loudspeakers to broadcast any messages Dubai Police wishes to convey to the public, especially in coastal areas.”

Col Al Madhani urged beachgoers to avoid gatherings and wear face masks.

“Non-compliance with public safety measures will be dealt with according to law,” he said.