Abu Dhabi vaccinates all its public bus drivers and most taxi drivers

The Integrated Transport Centre said more than 7,000 drivers had been immunised as part of the safety campaign

Abu Dhabi's Integrated Transport Centre announced all of its public bus drivers had been vaccinated. Courtesy: ITC
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Abu Dhabi has vaccinated all its public bus drivers and more than 80 per cent of taxi drivers as part of a major Covid-19 safety campaign.

The emirate's Integrated Transport Centre said all 1,460 bus drivers were inoculated by the end of last month as part of a public health drive in partnership with the Department of Health and Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha).

The authority revealed that 5,706 of its 6,938 taxi drivers had been immunised so far – 82 per cent of the workforce.

The campaign is in line with efforts to vaccinate all employees in the transport sector to help limit the spread of the virus.

Authorities are particularly keen to ensure workers who regularly interact with the public – such as bus and taxi drivers – are protected against coronavirus.

ITC said it encouraged all public transport drivers to receive the vaccine to boost personal safety and the safety of those with whom  they come into contact.

The UAE has made widespread vaccination central to its strategy to overcome the pandemic.

More than 14.7 million doses of vaccine have been administered to the public since a nationwide inoculation campaign was launched in December.

UAE's vaccination drive

Education chiefs cited high vaccination rates among teachers and staff as crucial to its decision to resume in-person lessons at private schools in the capital from the start of the next academic year in late August.

In March, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority vaccinated its entire fleet of eligible taxi and bus drivers.

The vaccine was administered to more than 20,000 drivers, RTA said.

Two vaccination centres were set up with the help of Dubai Health Authority.