WATCH: Sheikh Zayed's words on tolerance

Sheikh Saif bin Zayed tweets video of UAE Founding Father speaking about tolerance

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The day the UAE announced 2019 would be the Year of Tolerance, Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, tweeted a video of the country's Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed speaking about respect between different peoples.

Sheikh Saif tweeted: "Between last year, which bore the name of the founder and the forthcoming which will hold a great legacy, our nation brightens with eternal values.

"The launching of the Year of Tolerance 2019 is the true manifestation of the UAE's role in upholding this value to be universal and to become a reality for humanity to live in peace and security."

The video attached to his tweet contains the recording of Sheikh Zayed speaking about tolerance.

“Tolerance is a duty,” the founder of the UAE says.

"If Allah the greatest is forgiving and we, human beings, are Allah’s creations, why wouldn’t we forgive?" he says.

"We are human beings with affinity towards each other. Each one is subject to a different plight.

"The righteous is our brother and the sinner is our brother.

"Therefore, why not help the one at fault and lead him to the right path?

"We should forgive the sinner so he understands that we are here to rescue him till he is on the right track and not desert him.

"Any person who was rescued by another will never forget that. When he does, his friend shall remind him: 'Did you forget that person who has helped you out at a time when you were in distress?'”

"This will bring him back to his sanity and forever."


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