UAE youth minister tells students she is keen to reach out to young Emiratis

Shamma Al Mazrui says she will reach out to youths and relay their thoughts to the country's leadership.

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ABU DHABI // Relaying the thoughts of the younger generation to the UAE’s leaders is a key part of the Minister of State for Youth’s job, the newly appointed minister said on Tuesday.

Shamma Al Mazrui, a 22-year-old Oxford graduate who was handed the role last month, said she would make sure she reached out to young people.

Ms Al Mazrui visited UAE University in Al Ain, where she was briefed on the institution. Members of the Emirates Youth Council were also present.

She said that the UAE and its leadership considered education a high priority. “Investing in Emirati youth is a cornerstone for development and progress and which eventually requires from us, as youth, to exert our utmost effort to serve our nation,” she said.

She said that “our wise leadership support the youth and listen to them, and want them to become significant participants in the development of the nation”. She added that this was reflected in the announcement of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, to introduce a Minister of State for Youth to the Cabinet.

“The appointment means the minister should represent the youth and listen to them, and become the voice of their aspirations before the leadership.”