UAE's new ambassador to the UK saddles up for fresh challenge

Keen cyclist Mansoor Abulhoul is ready to get on his bike to promote the UAE in the United Kingdom

The new UAE ambassador to the UK, Mansoor Abulhoul, is looking forward to tackling his new role.   
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The UAE's new ambassador to the UK is geared up to take relations between the two countries to the next level - and he has vowed to go to great lengths to achieve his goal.

Mansoor Abulhoul is primed to be a perfect fit for his new diplomatic role after announcing his arrival in a video posted to his official Twitter account.

Mr Abulhoul, whose mother is from the UK and father from Dubai, studied at the University of Leeds in the UK.

The newly announced ambassador said he was delighted to be on the diplomatic trail as he sets off on a mission to bolster the friendship between the UK and the UAE.

In the one-minute video introduction, Mr Abulhoul revealed he is an avid cyclist who is happy to get on his bike to meet the people of the UK.

"I'm a people person. I want to be the ambassador of goodwill. I want to be connecting with people I want to be out there, out of the embassy, out of London," said Mr Abulhoul.

"The outdoors in Dubai means an awful lot to me. I'm an avid cyclist.

"If it means me jumping on a bike and cycling from the north of Scotland to Land's End then so be it. I would be delighted to meet people.

"I already have strong ties to the UK. My mother is English, from Cambridge. My father is from Dubai.

"I went to University in Leeds, where I studied Arabic and politics."

Mr Abulhoul can't wait to learn even more about the UK and offer some education about Emirati life, too.

"I know there is an awful lot I must and can learn about the UK and maybe there is a bit more I can teach the British about the UAE. I just think we can take this to another level."

The envoy is eager to embrace life in the UK once more, and do plenty of good deeds during his posting.

"I am extremely pleased to be the new Emirati ambassador to the UK. Having spent much of my youth in Britain, I’m very much looking forward to rediscovering the country and experiencing all that the UK has to offer," he said in his introductory social media greeting.

"During my tenure, I hope to build upon our excellent relationship with the UK, strengthen UAE ties with British business and people, and support British charity through various initiatives."