UAE joins Arab League in human organ transplant regulation discussion

The UAE is taking part in the preparation of a draft pan-Arab convention on human organ transplant regulation and combating illegal human organ trade.

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The UAE is taking part in drafting a pan-Arab convention on human organ transplant regulation, and combating the illegal human organ trade.

The UAE team includes justice and interior ministry officials, and representatives from healthcare departments, the state news agency Wam reported on Sunday.

Saudi Arabia is presiding over the three-day meeting, taking place at the Arab League’s Cairo headquarters.

Representatives of health and Islamic affairs ministries will provide medical and Sharia opinion.

The final draft will be submitted to the Arab League councils of Arab interior, justice and health ministries.

Last year in The National, a transplant physician at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City said he had treated patients who had gone abroad for illegal kidney transplants and came back with health complications.

UAE law requires that organ donors must be relatives of the patient.

However, Dr Ammar Abdulbaki said there was an issue with patients not wanting to risk family members’ health by taking an organ from them.