UAE Food Bank aims to achieve zero food waste

The UAE Food Bank aims to go beyond distribution of food to those in need, but also to achieve zero food waste.

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DUBAI // The distribution of food to the poor or to those who struggle to buy enough food is nothing new for the UAE.

But the launch of UAE Food Bank takes current initiatives a step further, as it wants to achieve zero food waste.

In some countries, food banks comprise of warehouses in which food is stored. Food is collected and checked for quality, after which it is distributed to non-profit organisations, including soup kitchens, homeless shelters and orphanages. Other countries give the food directly to those in need.

Dubai Municipality will provide operational support by implementing the process of food collection, packaging, storage and distribution.

The fridges and food bank locations will be stationed in various areas around the country and will be close to the places of distribution, especially near those in need and blue-collar workers, most of whom send their money back home. The aim is to provide them with food in locations that are easily accessible to them.