Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid opens new FNC session

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai called on council members to fulfil the needs of the nation

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai attended the second session of the council’s 17th term. Wam
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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid opened the new session of the Federal National Council on Thursday.

The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai attended the second session of the council’s 17th term remotely.

Members of the Federal National Council were meeting after four months of recess.

"My brothers, members of the FNC, I am confident that you will positively engage in the country's march of development and fulfil the aspirations of our people,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

"I invite you to give consideration to the ideas of the sons and daughters of our country, paying close attention to their suggestions and demands."

Sheikh Mohammed also tweeted shortly after inaugurating the session.

“Our message to all [FNC] members, is to be the best ambassadors to fulfil the needs of the nation and nationals,” he tweeted.

He also encouraged the members to work as a team.

“One of the secrets of our country’s excellence is their one team spirit, which brings together all of our executive and legislative authorities [under one goal]; to serve our nation,” he said.

During the opening session, FNC members questioned government officials on important issues such as health, food, empowering Emirati graduates, housing, emergencies and crises, and preventing diseases.

FNC member Dr Dherar Al Falasi asked officials what was being done on implementing safety standards in the food industry and if they were looking to build a stockpile of medical supplies and equipment during public health emergencies.

Members of the Federal National Council met after four months of recess. Wam

Member Hameed Al Shamsi tabled a question about setting standards for antibacterial products in the market and if financial support was being provided to centres for disabled people.

Kifah Al Zaabi raised the issue of shortages of nursing staff in some hospitals.

The ministers gave written answers to the members that will be discussed at a media conference on Sunday.

President Sheikh Khalifa also issued a statement as FNC members met at the new session.

“Since last February, the world has been facing the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences; the pandemic has changed the priorities of governments,” he was quoted as saying by news agency Wam.

“And our country managed to face the pandemic in an excellent way.”

Sheikh Khalifa said the UAE sent medical supplies to several countries and carried out relief operations during the pandemic.

He also spoke of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant and the Hope probe that will reach its planned orbit around Mars on February 9, next year.

“We will continue to work on combatting the pandemic, and we call on all UAE nationals and residents to continue to observe precautionary measures, and to follow the instructions of the authorities,” Sheikh Khalifa said.

“And like all other crises, the coronavirus crisis will be over, and new opportunities will be built.”

The FNC held its sessions remotely during the Covid-19 outbreak. The council held its last session on June 30 and then closed down for the summer recess.