Dubai to cut mall and venue capacity, hotel occupancy and shut bars

Any licensed venue that is classed solely as a ‘bar or pub’ will close immediately

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Dubai’s government imposed a series of restrictions on public places and venues on Monday.

It cut seating capacity in various venues including cinemas, entertainment and sports complexes to 50 per cent.

It also cut hotel occupancy and swimming pool use to 70 per cent of capacity. Shopping malls will be allowed to accept only 70 per cent of their total capacity.

Restaurants and cafes will be required to close by 1am. They will also not be allowed to organise any entertainment activities.

Any licensed venue classed as a “pub or bar” but that is not a restaurant will be closed immediately. Last year, the authorities allowed licensed restaurants to remain open, but kept beach bars and nightclubs shut for months.

Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management said the measures were imposed immediately and will remain in effect throughout February.

The move came as daily case numbers in the Emirates remain high, though there has been a significant drop in recent days.

For almost three weeks, case numbers climbed, peaking at about 4,000.

On Monday, the number of new cases fell back to 2,700, though the three-day death toll was 33 people, one of the highest figures in months.