Dubai Police thwart plot to sell 40kg of crystal meth

Specialist teams swoop on gang in an operation named ‘Black Bag’

Two Asian men were detained in the operation. Wam
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Dubai Police thwarted a plot by a criminal gang to sell 40 kilograms of crystal meth in the UAE.

Specialist teams swooped on two Asian men in an operation named “Black Bag” after the way the drugs were carried.

Officers detained the cousin of the gang’s ringleader and another suspect. Both men had been under surveillance.

It is believed the ringleader runs the sophisticated operation from outside the country.

“The two Asian men were placed under surveillance so as to arrest them red-handed,” said Brig Gen Eid Hareb, director of the anti-narcotics general directorate at Dubai Police.

He said security teams followed their vehicle and they were arrested in possession of the black bag, which contained 40kg of crystal meth.

The suspects admitted they were delivering the drugs to someone else, Brig Gen Hareb said.

The arrest follows last month's seizure of 33kg of the drug. Three men were detained in a joint operation between Dubai and Sharjah police.

Officers said drugs were smuggled into the country and stashed in a warehouse in Dubai before being taken to Sharjah.

In a video of the arrests, Dubai Police said it would “strike with an iron fist whoever dares to mess with the nation’s security”.

Crystal meth is a type of methamphetamine and the lethal, addictive drug has devastated communities around the world.

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