Dubai Customs foils 398 attempts to smuggle drugs in first three months of 2021

Officers seized more than 76kg of drugs hidden in a shipping container with street value of Dh47.5 million

Dubai Customs prevented nearly 400 attempts to smuggle drugs into the city in the first three months of the year, including a shipment containing three million Captagon pills.

Officers from the anti-narcotics section seized the amphetamines as part of the 'Safe Homeland' campaign.

Teams from the ports, sea, passenger and air sections of the department foiled 398 drug smuggling attempts, the majority of which involved passengers.

During a recent seizure, officers found more than 76 kilograms of drugs, with a street value of Dh47.5 million, hidden inside a shipping container.

The haul included more than 30kg of crystal meth and 46kg of cannabis.

“We have turned our entry points into an impenetrable wall against all smuggling attempts thanks to our advanced systems, including the Smart Risk Engine, which Dubai Customs developed to detect and intercept suspicious shipments of all types,” said Shuaib Al Suwaidi, director of the customs intelligence department.

"The Intelligence Department analyses and assesses data and tracks shipments coming into Dubai."

He said the public could also give tips to authorities using the Rafid service, a secure communication channel between Dubai Customs and residents.

The customs department uses advanced systems for screening, including the container-scanning system at Jebel Ali Port and the smart bag inspection system at Dubai airports.

Last year, the department made 1,118 seizures at different entry points in Dubai.

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